Sunday, October 28, 2007

protest yesterday

I totally should have annouced it on here, but there were BIG protests yesterday against the War in Iraq and the inevitable War in Iran. I think they were held in like 8 cities in the US. It was amazing. 30,000 people marching down Market Street in San Francisco, chanting, singing, shouting....all peacefully. There were amazing speakers there too. I had never met a mother of a killed soldier in Iraq before, and it was so moving. I could just see her on that day when the soldiers came to her door to tell her that her son was dead. Cindy Sheehan was there and that was cool. She did a good job of encouraging everyone.

But there was relatively no news coverage in the major news sources (surprised?). We need to take a bigger stand especially now since the government is planning a war with Iran and they wont give two shits if 50,000 people protest, because the other 260 million people in the US are supporting them through their silence.


Harvey said...

No news coverage? You must have not turned on the TV. It was a major story on all of the local (SF Bay Area) channels I watched and even covered on the network news Saturday night and Sunday morning. What do you expect? Continuous coverage 24/7?

Any excuse to jump all over the media though. The fact that both the right and the left accuse the mainstream media (we're not talking about Fox News Channel OR The Nation magazine here!) of being biased is pretty good evidence that the mainstream media is just about where it should be...somewhere in the middle and basically looking for the truth.

As far as Cindy Sheehan, Cythia McKinney, Michael Moore and friends...they are just further proof that the extreme left can frequently be as goofy as the extreme right!

marie said...

Hey Harvey, thanks for that. I guess they might have been reporting when I was still at the protest, but nonetheless the stories are not much in the news anymore.

I dont want 24 hour news coverage, but I would appreciate 10 minutes of news coverage amidst the 24 hour news coverage of Obama and Hillary and the fires and britney spears and such. Maybe one of the political talk shows could discuss the protest for a minute, but instead they press on about Giuliani and Iran at the top political power levels.

The problem is not necessarily in the bias of the media, but in their poor job at covering the real news. I am sorry but we don't need 24 hour coverage of 5 stories repeated day-after-day, we need a steady stream of the holistic issues this world faces. Especially when they concern democracy and human life.

The mainstream media may be looking for truth--but only truth in 4 or 5 stories.

I am not necessarily a Cindy Sheehan supporter at all, but it is moving to see someone face to face who has gone through the pain of losing a young child to war.