Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Game

A few days ago my buddies son, who's about 18 months, came up to me holding a toy gun making shooting noises. I grab my stomach and yell, "Ahhh you got me!" and fall to ground. He laughs and laughs. He's a cute little guy and normally I never thought about it, but do we treat death as if it were a game? I work a frew hours a week in a video game store and some of the most popular games are very violent. Even the cartoonish games involve you going around and killing other people or beings (ie. Legend Of Zelda, Mario Brothers, etc.). I remember getting together with the youthgroup kids I worked with almost on a daily basis and having Halo parties where the object of the game track down your oponents and kill them either with grenades, a rocket launcher, various guns or even a well placed hit to the back of the head. We'd cheer like crazy as bodies went flying. And I wonder, "Am I too desensitized to violence?"

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Ryan S. said...

Most of our expenditures on the military-industrial complex are a waste of money. If we took defense seriously, we would invest in civil defense infrastructure such as fallout shelters and an anti-ballistic missile defense system.